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Photoshop Retouching Assignment

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I found this to be one of the more difficult assignments because we had to provide a suitable old photograph to refurbish and I found this to be very difficult. I started by going through my own collection of photographs and then started asking the neighbours, but to no avail. I also visited a local flea market and bought a handful of Victorian and Edwardian era photographs but none of these proved suitable. I had almost given up on the assignment when an elderly neighbour called me into her house and invited me to go through a large collection of photographs she had unearthed. After ten minutes of sifting through her photographs I suddenly came across the photograph of her brother, John Santos and I knew immediately that this would be suitable for my purpose. The final results are displayed on Tab-1 and some practice retouching jobs are displayed on Tab-2. This assignment received 90% grading.


General Notes ...

  1. Tab-1:  Apart from the border and one small alteration this is the montage that I submitted for the assignment. I only scored 9/10 for this assignment because the tutor felt that I had not brought out the colour of the Indian Army Officers canvas tunic enough and that the tunic 'needed more in the levels and contrast department'. I have rectified the situation in the montage above.
  2. Tab-2:  This second montage contains two practice jobs that I did prior to starting the Retouching Assignment. They were both repaired and retouched by me but I could not use them for the assignment because I had downloaded them from the Web rather that scanning them into my computer, as per the requirements of the assignment.

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Web-Wise-Wizard - Photoshop Photo Retouching Photograph repair and retouching was one of the original functions of Photoshop and for this assignment, I submitted a restored black and white photograph of former Indian Army officer, John Santos.

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