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Photoshop Layer Masks

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I personally found this assignment to be the least creative of all the assignments on the course. The assignment did introduce students to the concept of Photoshop Layer Masks but when later, I came to use Layer Masks in the Spoof Movie Poster assignment which used a black background, I encountered problems when printing them on a CMYK printer. I have not yet managed to overcome these problems but for the record, I found that Layer Masks worked well when displayed on a computer screen and printed OK when blending two or more photographic images together. They can be used to create some very atmospheric pictures.

Layer Masks are a powerful feature of Photoshop and are in essence, a method of blending one image into another image. We were provided with three photographs that had to be gradually blended into each other in a specified way, thereby creating one picture. The purpose of the assignment was to demonstrate our ability to use Layer Masks and understand their concept. Creativity was not a requirement.


Assignment Notes ...

  • Tab-1:  This is the final picture for the layer masks assignment. There was no great creativity required for this assignment but it was easy to confuse the different layers until you understood the principles of layer masks.
  • Tab-2:  This photograph ot the 'sunset scene' was supplied with the course material and was used as the backdrop in the Layer Masks assignment.
  • Tab-3:  This photograph of the 'indian lady with a harp' was supplied with the course material and using a Photoshop Layer Mask, was blended into the 'sunset scene' photograph.
  • Tab-4:  This photograph of the 'old indian' was supplied with the course material and using a Photoshop Layer Mask, was also blended into the 'sunset scene' photograph.
  • Tab-5:  A picture of the Layer Mask layer showing the 'indian lady with a harp' layer mask.
  • Tab-6:  A picture of the Layer Mask layer showing the 'old indian' layer mask.
  • Tab-7:  A picture of the final montage that was actually submitted for the layer masks assignment. The submission met all the stipulated criteria and achieved maximum grading.

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Web-Wise-Wizard - Photoshop Layer Masks This assignment introduced us to the concept of Photoshop Layer Masks. This very powerful feature of Photoshop taught me how to blend photographic images into each other to create atmospheric effects.

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