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Student Practice Work

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Photoshop Glamour Pictures ...

The pictures on this page are not directly part of the course but they represent some of my more successful Photoshop practice work. They have all been 'enhanced' or altered by me in one way or another. Some have simply been retouched and presented in a different way whilst in others, the subjects have been presented in a totally different context to the original photograph. The pictures mainly follow the themes of 'female portraiture' or 'female glamour' and there is one 'glamour puss' but I would stress that the 'enhancements' are only a Photoshop students practice work. You should see some of my work that did not make it to this page but then I suppose that gaining experience teaches us what we cannot do as well as what we can do.


Reflection ...

I have a real problem with some of the photographs and pictures on this page. Some of the photographs were downloaded from the Web and when I downloaded them they were for my own personal use, for practice work in Photoshop. At that time I had no intention of publishing them on the Web and because of this I took scant details of their sources. I am attempting to rectify the situation and have provided details of my original source where available. I am also actively seeking suitable photographs that come with express permission to publish them on the Web.

  1. Tab-1:  This very beautiful lady is one of my favourite jobs. I do not know her name but I found her on the Garage Glamour site and her photographer goes under the name of Glenn aka grsphoto. I have done some considerable retouching and 'enhancement' of the original photograph and then enlarged it, displaying only a close up of the face. Mind you, I started with a super model, an excellent photographer and an image with enough colour depth to work on.
  2. Tab-2:  (added January, 2009) This picture is a complete phoney. The backdrop is a photograph of my local park that I took a few years ago. I would suspect that Lisa, the very cool looking lady in the picture, has never been to this park in her life yet the combination looks natural and in context to me. The most important part of this job was selecting a backdrop that matched the subject in terms of the direction of the sunlight and shadows. I then used the 'zero Clarity' filter to make the subject appear to have been photographed in that context.
  3. Tab-3:  I found this photogenic lady on Garage Glamour and her name is April Dawn from Philadelphia. The photographer is Jason Etzel and he can be contacted on It is her image that I used in the Photoshop movie poster assignment.
  4. Tab-4:  Another complete phoney. I set this very striking lady against the backdrop of the 'old west' photograph provided as part of the Course material for the Layers Assignment.
  5. Tab-5:  This was one of my very early Photoshop practice jobs. The original photograph is of a photogenic lady called 'AnnaC' who is obviously presenting herself in a glamour pose. I felt that the photograph could benefit from some enhancement and I will leave you to judge the 'improvements' for yourself.
  6. Tab-6:  (added December, 2014) This beautiful lady's name is Lisa and she has given me permission to publish a collection of her personal photographs on the Web. In this comparison montage you will see that the original photograph was taken indoors using flash photography. I changed the context of the picture from indoors to the local park and I also had to rotate the lady herself by a few degrees to present her in the best position for the new context. I then used Photoshop to brighten her skin color and improved her skin texture using the 'zero SuperSmooth' filter.
  7. Tab-7:  Yet another complete phoney. The backdrop is Westgate Gardens in Canterbury, Kent and I scanned the picture from a 2004 'This England's Country Calendar'. The lady's name is Melissa and I downloaded her photograph from the Web some time ago. Their only connection is that the image colour coordinates well with the backdrop. Unfortunately, the original photograph of Melissa did not contain enough colour information and as a result the skin areas of the image did not enlarge well. This meant that some enhancement of her image was required and I used some of the Zero Filters set to accomplish this (download link below). The hazy border around the image was accomplished using standard Photoshop gradients, slightly off white (#FEFEFE) to transparent.

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Web-Wise-Wizard - Photoshop Glamour Pictures These female portraiture and female glamour pictures were not part of my Photoshop assignments but they were in support of the course. The page discusses filters used to improve skin tone and quality.

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