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JScript Online Calculator

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A Realtime Calculator ...

How about this attractive realtime calculator to add interest to your web pages? The calculator is a full working model with all the normal functions. The calculator functions are those of the Microsoft sample calculator and we have added a tasteful 3D background and a full set of custom buttons.

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About The Calculator ...

If it doesn't add up properly you can blame Microsoft and if you are impressed by it's appearance or operation you can give the credit to Web-Wise-Wizard.

Before the turn of the millennium, Microsoft used to provide some basic sample scripts on their web site and the JScript Example Calculator was certanily one of the better ones. We downloaded the script and have used the calculator functions in pretty much their original form except that we have tried to make them easier to understand for those learning JavaScript. We then prepared the graphics and rewrote the HTML script from the ground up. A little while later we added the JavaScript script to add full keyboard interaction which wasn't included in the original script. The result is the adjoining calculator which we consider is now becoming a very useful addition to any web page. We do intend to add some basic memory functions at some stage but don't hold your breath waiting for them.

We are not going to attempt to start explaining a script like this on a web page but we have listed all the JScript calculator functions below. We have also prepared a full working demonstration and you can view the demo, view the source code or download the complete package in a Zip file using the links provided at the bottom of the page. The package includes all the graphic images used in the display above.


JScript Confusion ...

At this stage we had better stop and explain a minor point. We get a large number of referals to this page because we are using the term 'JScript (i.e. JScript Online Calculator) and we are sure that a number of the users who arrive here don't properly understand the relationship of JScript to JavaScript. JavaScript was originally developed by Netscape and when Microsoft decided that they wanted to provide JavaScript for their own browsers they decided to develop their own version of JavaScript rather than being beholden to Netscape for Netscape's JavaScript. Microsoft's implementation of JavaScript was called 'JScript'.

In my opinion it is not useful to use the term JScript and instead, you should not use the term unless it is necessary. Instead you might try using the terms 'Firefox JavaScript' or 'Microsoft JavaScript', depending on which browser you are referring to at the time. Using these terms in this manner should help to avoid confusion and place both versions of JavaScript into their proper context. Although the term 'JScript' is used to describe this calculator the scripting is identical to JavaScript scripting and it works equally well in Microsoft or Firefox browsers.

We originally provided a link that pointed towards the JScript example calculator on the Microsoft Web site. However, their site appears to have undergone several major re-developments over the years and we are unable to find the original JScript examples anywhere. To acknowledge Microsoft role we have provided a link to The Microsoft Developer Network where they provide links to the JScript User's Guide and the JScript Language Reference.


Using The Keyboard ...

The calculator keyboard functions were developed on a PC running Windows NT4. All version 4+ browsers (Microsoft and Netscape) should support the calculator's keyboard operation on the Windows Platforms. No browser supports the calculator's keyboard operations on the Unix/Linux platforms, users will have to click the calculator's buttons with their mouse. The calculator's keyboard functions should be supported on the Macintosh platform but we have not tested them. If any Macintosh user is prepared to test the calculator via their keyboard and then E-Mail the results to us we would be very appreciative.

Most of the calculator's keys have direct and obovious equivalents on a computer's keyboard or numeric keypad. Certain of the calculator's keyboard do require some clarification.


The Calculator Functions ...

Surprisingly there were only seven JavaScript calculator functions in the original script. If I was writing the script I suspect there would be three times that amount, certanily until I got the calculator working and then started honing them down a bit. We have written an eighth function to add keyboard interaction to the calculator.


Working Download ...

We have prepared a demo page and the links below will enable you to view the demo, view the demo source or download the demo in a Zip file. If you download the demo, save it in your chosen directory and then unZip it. Then load 'calcdemo.htm' into your favourite browser to view the demo.

The Zip file contains all the required image files for the demo and the demo should work perfectly as soon as you load it into your browser. If you encounter any problems please use our contact form to provide us with details of the problem and we will try to help you.


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