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HEX/RGB Web Color Converter

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Color conversion the easy way ...

This handy utility takes a hexadecimal color code (#RRGGBB) and converts it to decimal color values (red,green,blue). It will also convert RGB decimal color values into a hexadecimal color code and in addition, it displays the equivalent decimal CMY (cyan,magenta,yellow) percentages. This utility was born out of a need to convert hexadecimal web color codes to the decimal RGB color values that are used by most leading graphics programs.

Hex/RGB Conversion

Input Hex (#RRGGBB) or
Decimal (RRR, GGG, BBB)
Hex RGB Value
Color Sample
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Input instructions ...

If inputting an RGB hexadecimal colour code (e.g. #FF33CC), the hash sign ('#') at the beginning of the input string is optional. Thereafter there must be six valid hexadecimal digits with no spaces. A valid hexadecimal digit would be in the range 0...9, or A...F (a...f).

If inputting decimal RGB colour codes ( e.g. 255,0,76 ), each of the three decimal values must be in the range 0...255. There must be a separator between each decimal value, a separator being any alphabetic character (including a blank space).

When applying HEX color codes to web page markup you should always remember to include the HASH sign before the HEX color code. This applies to both CSS Styles and HTML Attributes.

CMYK Black Ignored ...

We have ignored the black ('K') in CMYK because it is not (or should not be) relevant to RGB conversion and because of this our conversion utility only converts the colors to CMY (cyan, magenta, yellow). The black element in CMYK is there for conventional printers to replace composite black (or composite shades of grey) with true black (or true shades of grey) and this is necessary because of the differing chemical makeup of printing inks. Composite black produces a less accurate colour than true black when used in conventional printing.

The CMYK problem becomes more complex because people using CMYK colour mixing will use 'blacK' to darken a colour. Because of this we intend to look into the questions of RGB to CMYK conversion, CMYK to RGB conversion, CMY to CMYK conversion and CMYK to CMY conversion at some stage in the future.

If any of our users have knowledge or information pertaining to the subject of CMYK conversion then we would appreciate it if they Contact Us. We will fully acknowledge any assistance given.


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Web-Wise-Wizard - HEX/RGB Web Color Converter Color conversion the easy way. This handy utility takes a hex code (#RRGGBB) and converts it to RGB decimal (red,green,blue). It also converts RGB decimal color values into hexadecimal color codes.

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